Why didn’t I receive my attachment from my web form?

There are several reasons you might not receive attachments from web forms. Fortunately, we have tried to eliminate most of the potential problems.

However, there are a few problems outside of our control:

  • Email Providers – Many email providers only allow 10MB attachments whereas others allow up to 25MB.This creates a problem because if you are sending the same email with a 15MB attachment to two people, one with a @gmail.com address and another with an @hotmail.com address, only the person with the Gmail address would receive it. This is because Gmail allows up to 25MB whereas Hotmail only allows 10MB.
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – Similar to email providers, many ISPs have limits on the size of the files transmitted across the wire. This can get more complicated because the problems can vary from the attachment being stripped from the email to the email being blocked altogether with no way of tracking it.

Here is a little more information on this:

If you need further assistance or have questions on any of the information presented here, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team HERE.