How to Post a Blog Post

Step 1: Log In #

Log in to the back end of your site using the login link sent to you by TitleTap. It is usually a link with your url/login/, like this: 

Enter your user name/email address and your password, then click “Log In” – if you have forgotten your password, you can click the “Lost your password” link at the bottom to have it reset. 


Step 2: Add New Post #

On the left-hand side, hover over “Posts” until the secondary menu comes up, then click on “Add New”.

Screenshot of adding new blog post


Step 3: Create and design your post #

Enter your title and text, as shown below.

Screenshot of making a new post on your blog


If you’d like to add media/images, you can click on “Add Media”

Screenshot of adding media to a blog post


You can either upload new media, or choose from your current media library.

Screenshot of uploading new media


Choose the image you’d like to insert into your post, and add any captions, alt text, or descriptions on the right side.

Screenshot of choosing media from library


Click “Insert into post”:

Screenshot of entering alt text, captions, and media info to post


If you’d like to include a “Featured Image” for your post (meaning that it will be the main photo for this blog post, shown at the top along with your title), you may also do it at this time. On the right sidebar area of your post, near the bottom, there is a link that says “Set featured image” – you will then go through the same process as above to choose an image.

Screenshot of media - Featured Image


Step 4: Preview your post #

Once you have completed editing, click “Preview” on the right side of the post to verify that it looks the way you want it to.

Screenshot of previewing a blog post


Step 5: Publish Your Post #

When you are ready to publish your post, you can either schedule it for a later date or simply click “Publish” to publish immediately.

Screenshot of publishing your blog post


Step 6: Enjoy! #

Once you publish, you are ready to view it live! Click “View post” to see it live on your site. From here, you can also choose “All Posts” to see a list view of all of your posts.

Screenshot of publishing a blog post


Read and share your post.

Screenshot of published blog post

If you need further assistance or have questions on any of the information presented here, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team HERE.