What counts as an included change in my monthly hosting plan?

Essentially, any minor change (one that does not require any custom/large design change or custom content writing) can be included in your monthly subscription. It can range from minor text, contact, or personnel changes, to adding/removing a page or updating/adding a blog that you have pre-written.

Common examples of changes that are included in your monthly subscription are:

  • Replace or edit the content on a page
  • Adding/Removing/Editing a blog that you provide
  • Adding/Removing a new page and adding/removing the associated link in the menu
  • Adding/removing an image that you provide
  • Posting a pre-written article to your blog
  • Adding/Removing/Editing personnel from a page on your website
  • Uploading a new logo that you provide
  • Adding/removing link in menu or footer
  • Adding/removing a link from a page

Items that are generally not included in your monthly subscription are:

  • Writing blog content for you
  • Writing page content for you
  • Graphic design work of any kind (logo redesign)
  • Changing or redesigning your website template/theme
  • Homepage redesigns (moving blocks or content position)

If you need further assistance or have questions on any of the information presented here, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team HERE.