Launch Process for Your New Website

We have built your website, we have made all the finishing touches, and you have reviewed and approved the design.

Now what?

Well, now we begin the testing process, and get this brand new site live!

Wondering how that happens?

Well, here is the behind the scenes process that happens to get your site ready and launched!

  • First, we do extensive prelaunch checks on all areas of the website. We test the forms, check the formatting on all browsers/mobile devices, and add any and all add-on features that you’ve opted into, etc.
  • We gather your old domain registrar login information (wherever you previously registered your domain names), or make contact with your IT Team/Person to make the changes for you.
  • On launch night, we login to wherever you registered your old domain and change the DNS setting for whichever domains you want to point to the new website.
  • Within 48 hours, the settings will be updated across the internet and the site is officially live!
  • Once the site is live, we go through another testing process to make sure that there are no broken links, that all your forms are working, and there are no broken images, etc. that may have occurred during the transition to the new domain. During this process, you may receive a couple of test emails from us submitting test forms on your website. Please forward these emails to us as soon as you receive them so we can confirm your forms are working successfully.

Remember, if you have any further changes you’d like us to make at this point, we can definitely do this post-launch! And, depending on which plan you have purchased, you’ll likely have a certain amount of monthly changes that are included in your maintenance plan, so we can keep your site as updated as you’d like!

At this time, you also have the ability to request back-end access to your site. If you are comfortable making changes on your own, this is an excellent way to take an active part in the updating of your site. However, we are always here to make these changes for you, particularly if they are a bit more complicated.

If you need further assistance or have questions on any of the information presented here, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team HERE.