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Method 1: Give Facebook Business Manager Access

Facebook has a specific way that we must access your account. We first must request access from our Business Manager. When we do, your personal Facebook profile (not Business Page) will receive a notification like the one shown below:

Once you click you’ll be taken to a screen like what is shown below to give us access:

Please give us Admin access to begin with. We can always downgrade access to Editor once the account is linked. However, we cannot upgrade access. This is the only way we are allowed to access your account per Facebook Terms of Service.

Can I Autoplay / Upload VideosTap Videos to Facebook?

The short answer is no but here is why:
This is actually an issue with Facebook, not the videos. Both LinkedIn and Twitter allow the videos to be played inline.
However, in order to autoplay inline on Facebook one must actually upload the video directly to Facebook.
Unfortunately, we don’t have any hard video files to actually “download” from our servers or upload to Facebook. The videos are configured and generated on our host’s servers (Wistia) to give us the ability to manage them and make modifications over time.
Here is the Wistia help doc that explains it in technical terms: