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How to embed podcasts or audio to your website?

We recommend a plug-in called Embedly to embed the audio in the pages and posts on your site.

However, you should not host the audio on your TitleTap site. Media like audio and video are better hosted on platforms that are optimized for it such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

This will result in faster load times for your visitors.

Here are instructions from one provider on how t use Embedly.

If you’d like to embed audio on your website, before you begin please contact support to request the Embedly plug-in to be configured.

Making sense of my analytics

It can be wonderful to find out how many people are coming to your website, where they are coming from, and what pages they are visiting. However, it can also be overwhelming if you are not sure of how to make sense of it all.

We’ve created a dashboard for you that has what we consider your most important metrics on them. Here is how to make sense of them all.


Method 2: Alternative Ways To Give Facebook Agency Access

We find that some of our customers never receive email or Facebook notification of us requesting access (Method 1). For those people we recommend the following 2 methods:

Method 2: Visit Your Page Roles to see if there is an invite waiting to be responded to in the Agency section:

Method 3: Give one of our staff Admin access under the User Roles so we can give ourselves Agency access:

Method 4: Try giving access from the Facebook mobile app instead of the website

From the Facebook Forum: I had no luck on my desktop but used the Facebook app for iPhone to add roles (Page Manager).

Please note that due to Facebook Terms of Service, we cannot post on your behalf until we have proper “Agency” access, not “User” access.

Method 1: Give Facebook Business Manager Access

Facebook has a specific way that we must access your account. We first must request access from our Business Manager. When we do, your personal Facebook profile (not Business Page) will receive a notification like the one shown below:

Once you click you’ll be taken to a screen like what is shown below to give us access:

Please give us Admin access to begin with. We can always downgrade access to Editor once the account is linked. However, we cannot upgrade access. This is the only way we are allowed to access your account per Facebook Terms of Service.

List of Local Business Directory Sites That are Mobile Friendly and Rank High for SEO

  1. Google Local –
  2. Bing Places –
  3. Yahoo Local –
  4. Manta –
  5. Foursquare –
  6. Yelp –
  7. CitySearch –
  8. Yellow Pages –
  9. White Pages –
  10. Super Pages ( –
  11. Merchant Circle –
  12. Yellow Book –
  13. MapQuest –
  14. –
  15. Biz Journals –